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Conflict management for new mobility strategy in Sonthofen

At the core of the new sustainable mobility strategy of Sonthofen (DE) is the intensely used city centre. A conflict between bicycles and pedestrians obstructs the transition to the low-carbon mobility concept. Such conflicts need to be addressed carefully to [...]

By |2021-08-26T18:09:34+02:00August 2, 2021|0 Comments

New governance model for climate measures in Annecy

Annecy (F) has an ambitious goal to institutionalise citizen participation in the field of climate change. The pilot project in Annecy wants to test new governance and decision-making processes to contribute to the ecological, climatic and just transition fostered by [...]

By |2021-08-26T18:09:23+02:00August 2, 2021|0 Comments

Chambery involves citizens into urban climate adaption

Chambery’s “Nature in Town” Week will provide the platform to involve inhabitants in reducing urban heat effects. Topics are greening neighbourhoods, improving water capture and soil infiltration. Chambery (F) does not only want to raise awareness, but to start an [...]

By |2021-08-27T15:42:50+02:00August 2, 2021|0 Comments

Green and blue infrastructure for heat reduction in Villach

Informed by a comprehensive heat analysis, investments in soil unsealing, rainwater management, evaporation and vertical greening shall reduce heat and make the project area in Villach (AT) self-sufficient. The location above an underground parking is quite challenging and shall provide [...]

By |2021-08-27T16:08:36+02:00August 2, 2021|0 Comments

Preservation of historic irrigation channels in Brig-Glis

The municipality of Brig-Glis (CH) wants to preserve their historic irrigation channels in and around the city. Knowledge about their maintenance is gradually being lost. With inter-generational workshops, the municipality wants to raise awareness and provide information on the importance, [...]

By |2021-08-27T16:08:08+02:00August 2, 2021|0 Comments

Schools implement small green infrastructure in Belluno

The municipality of Belluno (IT) focusses its activities on schools and schoolchildren. The goal is to remodel schoolyards & surroundings in a biodiversity friendly way and to enhance urban green areas. Belluno wants to apply the lessons learned in a [...]

By |2021-08-11T12:07:26+02:00August 2, 2021|0 Comments
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